OpenGaarden Teaching Seminar

Come and Learn about OpenGaarden as a Classroom Teaching Tool!

Teach With the OpenGaarden App in Any Classroom!

This informative session covers the various programs that the OpenGaarden team has created to facilitate engaging and rewarding learning opportunities for students of all ages!

About the event

Data methodology and practicum is covered here, as well as teacher tools for using OpenGaarden in a classroom setting. We have managed to successfully use OpenGaarden in classrooms spanning elementary-age kids to our undergraduate and graduate-level student interns. 

Online Registration is free for all educators, as is the OpenGaarden application and tools!

We strongly encourage you to ask any questions about our program that are not covered in this session and will be happy to adapt to individual needs! 

The event is online, September 18th at 11am, but do not hesitate to reach out ahead of time for more information!



Sep 18, 11:00